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Accuris Networks

Mobile World Congress 

Barcelona, Spain

For the last number of years Accuris Networks have been developing a means of creating a seamless and secure connection as a mobile user switches between LTE, GSM, wi-Fi, IPX and fixed networks while ensuring a superior quality of experience. Accuris helps service providers monetise the connectivity between networks. Based in Dublin, the company's technology has been deployed across the US, Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

For The Mobile World Congress, MWC 2016, Exhibit created a contemporary stand that complimented the graphic elements of the Accuris brand. Simple, streamlined furniture and carefully considered halo and spot lighting contributed to the overall look of the stand. All of these design elements helped communicate a sense of innovation, forward-thinking and evolving technologies.


Services we offered:

  • Design Concept & Visualisation

  • Interior, Exhibition & Event Design

  • Brand Application

  • Project Management

  • Print & Build Management

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