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Enterprise Ireland

Mobile World Congress

Barcelona, Spain


The Brief: 

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) - which takes place in Barcelona, Spain every year -   is the world’s largest and most influential telecommunications show. 

Design a new Enterprise Ireland stand at MWC 2014 in Barcelona which would:

  • present Ireland as leaders and innovators in technology

  • offer significant standout and appeal amongst a variety of audiences and nationalities

  • accommodate the 18 different Irish technology companies keen to promote their work

  • communicate a cohesive look and feel but still retain the identity of the different companies on display

  • use the limited space available (108sqm) but still generate impact and attention in a crowded exhibition environment featuring major global brands like Samsung and Nokia

The Solution:

We created a specific look and feel for the event to reflect the multifaceted technology sector in Ireland. We created a new design language exploring form, tone and colour that would comfortably sit within all technology sectors.The design approach was strategically planned based on the stand’s location within the exhibition hall and offering clear and un-obstructed sight-lines to the ‘Ireland’ brand.

Working with the space we were able to define primary route ways to the stand and determine which areas to exploit for maximum brand exposure. We worked closely with Enterprise Ireland to establish key focal point zones on the stand that gave a platform for primary branding. Large exhibitor pods were positioned on the perimeter of the stand providing the exhibitors with a platform to display, products, services and exhibit live demoing. Each pod retained a consistency with the overall design language while incorporating specific branding for the exhibiting companies.

Exhibit have been responsible for the subsequent Enterprise Ireland stands at MWC due to the success and appeal of the 2014 stand.

Services we offered:

  • Concept Design & Visualisation

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Brand Application

  • Interior, Event & Exhibition Design

  • Project Management

  • Print & Build Management

Did it work?


"Ireland was clearly the most attractive and well designed country pavilion at the Mobile World Congress” 

Damien McCarney

International Traded Software & Services, 

Enterprise Ireland

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