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Meet the Exhibit Design team

Excellent project management is required to bring a team of like minded people together with cohesion and passion for creating something remarkable and deliverable. Exhibit have consistently achieved this regardless of where in the world the project is. In fact we specialise in working in all corners of the globe and have consistently delivered on all projects we are involved in. We are driven by innovative design and quality execution even when faced with extremely tight deadlines. We truly believe our understanding of the brand and passion to deliver innovative. Over the years Exhibit has formed very strong teams of talented people across a range of disciplines from spatial design, graphic design, branding, digital media, audio visual and lighting design. Where this talent is not available in-house we assemble the most innovative people from specialist consultants to our own team. 

Martin O'Brien

Managing Director

Richard Barnwall

Creative Director & Project Manager

Brendan O'Sullivan

Director & COO 

Elisabet Sierra

Senior Designer &

Project Manager

Kellie Sargent

Designer &

Project Manager

Olivia Carey

Account Management

Yvonne Keogh

Graphic Design &

Visual Merchandising

Ciarán Farrell

Designer &

Project Manager

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