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The SSE Arena & Rewards Lounge

Belfast, Northern Ireland


The Brief: 

  • Express the newly defined SSE Arena brand and identity across all elements of the The Odyssey Arena, Belfast.

  • Create one cohesive and consistent venue brand which would fully represent all the brand credentials.

  • Create a specific VIP lounge for SSE Rewards customers within the arena.

The Solution:

Exhibit created a style and overall look and feel, which would resonate with the fans visiting the venue and would reflect all the values of the SSE Arena brand.


  • We refreshed and revitalised the venue – creating a brand experience, which would excite all visitors to the venue whether they were fans, partners or performers.

  • We worked on all areas of the arena from exterior through concourse and venue bowl.

  • We created the SSE Rewards Lounge for VIP customers.

  • This 83 sqm space was designed an informal, unique and relaxing space - where we used minor brand accents to reinforce brand awareness on a subtle level.


Services we offered:

  • Design Concept & Visualisation

  • Brand Development & Application

  • Interior Design

  • Interior Layout & Customer Flow

  • Wayfinding & Signage

  • Project Management

  • Print & Build Management

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